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2013-2014 University Catalog 
2013-2014 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]


14 January 2016: THEA*499 Course Description

The course description was updated to remove grade and tuition information.

23 October 2014: BS in Industrial Design

The total required credits and major program courses were updated to correct an error from a prior catalogue revision.

20 May 2014: Music, Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology Program Director

Changed to Marc Dicciani.

28 April 2014: Articulation Agreements

The Articulation Agreements  section on the Admission  page has been updated to reflect a recently approved direct transfer agreement between the University of the Arts and the Delaware College of Art and Design for students matriculating into a BFA in Animation.

24 April 2014: Courses

Published course information was updated to document courses that require prior permission for a student to register.

24 April 2014: Directory Information

This section was updated to more clearly articulate the procedure for requesting the University withhold a student’s directory information.

14 April 2014: Articulation Agreements

The Articulation Agreements  section on the Admission  page has been updated to reflect a recently approved direct transfer agreement between the University of the Arts and the Delaware College of Art and Design for students matriculating into a BFA in Illustration, BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, or BFA in Photography.

13 March 2014: Course Renumbering

The University embarked on a multi-year course renumbering project.  Most active Liberal Arts courses and some WRIT courses have been renumbered.  Additional information is published on the Courses  and CAMD Core Studies  Liberal Arts Distribution  pages.

17 February 2014: Animation Minor

The animation minor requirements were updated to reflect previously approved changes to the minor.

4 February 2014: BFA Design, Art, and Technology

The elective requirements for the BFA in Design, Art, and Technology were updated to specify the studio component.

13 January 2014: School of Music Administrative Assistant Update

Amanda Melczer replaced Elizabeth Boyd as the administrative assistant in the School of Music.

9 January 2014: Program Director Update

Amanda D’Amico replaced Susan Viguers as the interim director of the MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking. 

20 December 2013: BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, crafts concentration

The crafts concentration within the BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts program was updated to include the ommited requirement that crafts courswork completed in pursuit of the concentration must all be within the same discipline.

22 November 2013: Veteran’s Benefits

A veteran’s benefits page  was added to the financial section of the catalogue.

19 November 2013: Staffing Update

The Assistant Vice President for Enrollment & Director of Student Financial Services was updated to reflect the hire of Michael Light, who replaced Chris Pesotski.

7 November 2013: Independent Study Policy

This policy was slightly altered for clairity.  A single bullet was updated from: An independent study may be pursued within CAMD for 1.5-6 credits, CPA for 1-6 credits and Liberal Arts for 1-3 credits. to now read Each independent study may be taken for 1.5-6 credits in CAMD, 1-6 credits in CPA, or 1-3 credits in Liberal Arts.

7 November 2013: Photography & Studio Photography Minor Advisors

The minor advisor associated with these two programs were updated to reflect the current advisor, Anne Massoni.

5 November 2013: LA Minor Advisors

Minor advisors were added to minor programs offered by the Division of Liberal Arts.

4 November 2013: Faculty

Faculty data merged into the catalogue.

22 October 2013: Musical Theater Program Director

The program director listed for the musical theater program was updated to Patricia Raine.

30 September 2013: Peirce College Cross-Registration Agreement

Policy concerning the newly established cross-registration agreement between UArts and Peirce College commencing with the Spring 2013 semester has been added to the Off-Campus study options.

12 September 2013: Liberal Arts Distribution (30 credits)

The Liberal Arts Distribuition (30 credits) requirement for many undergraduate programs incorrectly indicated that HUMS coursework can fulfill LA elective requirements.  The requirement block was updated to exclude HUMS coursework.

12 September 2013: BFA Design, Art & Technology

The CAMD core requirements for this program were updated from 15 credits to 18 credits.  The elective requirements were reduced by 3 credits to accomodate this change.

13 September 2013: Science Inquiry Foundation Track (SIFT) Courses

The following courses were updated to include repeat policy information: LACR 221, LACR 221, LACR 225, LACR 226, LACR 227

16 September 2013: BFA Acting

Published programs requirements were updated: THVC 401 was replaced by 3 additional elective credits, THVC 210 was added, THEA 152 was moved from the discipline history requirement block to the program requirement block, and THEA 151 was moved from the program requirement block to the discipline history requirement block.

18 September 2013: Minor Advisor Update

The minor advisor listed for the E-music, Game Design, Multimedia, Web Design, and Web Design & Development minors has been updated from De Angela Duff to Christopher Garvin.

24 September 2013: Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements within the College of Art, Media & Design have been temporarily removed from the catalogue.  Text for updated agreements is being drafted and will be published once finalized.

24 September 2013: Peirce College Cross-Registration Agreement

A new cross-registration agreement has been established the Peirce College.  This new local exchange opportunity is published in the following location: Policies > Enrollment & Registraton > Off-Campus Study > Local Exchange Opportunities > Peirce College.

25 September 2013: Program Director/Minor Advisor Update

The program director and minor advisor for Animation has been updated from Karl Staven to Christopher Magee.  This change will be in affect for the Fall semester only.