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2013-2014 University Catalog 
2013-2014 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]

Course Prefix Key


AEDU Art Education
AETH Art Therapy
CAIN CAMD: Internships
CMMC Communication
CRCM Crafts: Ceramics
CRFB Crafts: Fibers
CRFT Crafts: Core
CRGL Crafts: Glass
CRMT Crafts: Metals
CRWD Crafts: Wood
DACP Dance: Thinking, Making, Doing
DACR Dance: Core
DAPF Dance: Performance
DASP Dance: Studio Practice
DESN Design
EMDI Electronic Media
ENVI Environment
ESLI English Language Institute
FACR Fine Arts: Core
FAMD Fine Arts: Multidisciplinary
FAPR Fine Arts: Printmaking
FAPT Fine Arts: Painting
FASC Fine Arts: Sculpture
GDES Graphic Design
GRAD Graduate
GRAE Graduate: Art Education
GRAN Graduate: Animation
GRAT Graduate: Art Therapy
GRCM Graduate: Communication
GRCR Graduate: Ceramics
GRDA Graduate: Dance
GREM Graduate: Electronic Media
GRFA Graduate: Fine Arts
GRFB Graduate: Fibers
GRFL Graduate: Film
GRGD Graduate: Graphic Design
GRGL Graduate: Glass
GRID Graduate: Industrial Design
GRIL Graduate: Illustration
GRLA Graduate: Liberal Arts
GRMA Graduate: Media Arts
GRMM Graduate: Multimedia
GRMT Graduate: Metals
GRMU Graduate: Music
GRPH Graduate: Photo
GRPR Graduate: Book Arts | Printmaking
GRPT Graduate: Painting
GRSC Graduate: Sculpture
GRTH Graduate: Theater
GRUA Graduate: UArts Special Topics
GRWD Graduate: Wood
GRWM Graduate: Writing
HUMS Humanities Seminar
IDES Industrial Design
IMAG Image
ILUS Illustration
LAAH Liberal Arts: Art History
LACR Liberal Arts: Core
LALL Liberal Arts: Language and Literature
LAPI Liberal Arts: Period Interpretation
LAPR Liberal Arts: Philosophy and Religion
LASM Liberal Arts: Science and Math
LASS Liberal Arts: Social Sciences
MAAN Animation
MACR Media Arts: Core
MAPH Photography
MBET Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
MMDI Multimedia
MSEM Museum Studies
MUCP Music: Composition
MUED Music: Education
MULS Music: Composition
MUNM Music: Lessons
MUPF Music: Performance
MUSC Music: Core
OBJT Object
TCLA Travel Course: Liberal Arts
TCST Travel Course: Studio Subject
TDTC Theater Design Technology: Crafts
TDTP Theater Design Technology: Practicum
THEA Theater: Core
THMD Theater: Movement and Dance
THPD Theater: Production & Design
THST Theater: Studio
THVC Theater: Voice & Speech
UA University
WRIT Writing for Film & Television