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2023-2024 University Catalog 
2023-2024 University Catalog

Screenwriting, BFA

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Susan Skoog, Program Director



Learn more and apply to the Screenwriting program.


The Screenwriting Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program  prepares students to work in feature films, traditional TV, streaming and the web as screenwriters, development executives, producers, and filmmakers. Through a hands-on, progressive course of study, students will explore the art of writing for the screen, hone their voice, and develop the skills needed to sustain a career in the entertainment industry.  Screenwriting students build a professional portfolio of writing samples which includes feature film scripts, original pilots, spec episodes, short films and more. The core of this experience is writing and revising in a workshop environment with close guidance and support from industry-experienced, award winning faculty.

Program Objectives

The Screenwriting program prepares students to:
-Craft professional quality, dynamic, and absorbing screenplays for a variety of media that engage readers and audiences with a unique artistic style and voice.
-Generate, discover, and acquire compelling story ideas to develop for motion pictures, television, streaming, and the web.
-Appraise the commercial viability and artistic merit of scripted projects for professional development and prepare commentary and analysis.
-Effectively communicate story ideas and concepts both orally and in writing.
-Collaborate across disciplines, including filmmaking, animation, and gaming, and demonstrate competency in film production practices.
-Recognize the significant historical and contemporary influences of film, television, streaming, and web programming on culture, society, and relevant industries. 
-Analyze current and evolving narrative strategies and their relationship to new distribution technologies.   
Research various sectors of the entertainment industry and construct a sustainable career path.

Program Requirements (120 credits)

Student Selection Courses

Select 4 courses from the following list for a total of 12 credits:

Critical Studies (30 credits)

Writing (6-12 credits)

Students are placed into one of the following writing sequences after the completion of a writing placement exam. Students who do not complete the exam may be placed based on standardized tests scores (if available) or high school GPA.


Increased Support

CRIT Choice (9 credits)

  • Select 3 courses from subject CRIT

Critical Studies Electives (12-15 credits)

Students who complete the increased support or ESL writing sequence complete 9-12 credits of CS electives; all other students complete 15 credits.

  • Though not representative of all options, students can select from the following subjects:
    • ​AHST (Art History), HIST (History)
    • AMSL (American Sign Language), FRCH (French), LITT (Literature)
    • PHIL (Philosophy), RELI (Religion)
    • SCIE (Science)
    • ANTH (Anthropology), PSYC (Psychology), SOCI (Sociology)
    •  : Critical Studies Elective.

General Electives (15 credits)

  • Complete 15 credits. This requirement is satisfied by any undergraduate course that isn’t required by the program.

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