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2020-21 University Catalogue 
2020-21 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Screenwriting, BFA

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Susan Skoog, Program Director



Screenwriting is an undergraduate program that teaches future screenwriters, television and web-series writers, story-development executives, and producers the art of writing narrative scripts for the big, small, and smaller screens. Students write feature-length screenplays, television pilots, teleplays of various lengths; gain a sophisticated knowledge of story development; work in their industry through an internship experience; and create, write, and produce episodic drama series for the Web. The core of this experience is writing and revising in a workshop environment with close guidance and support from industry-experienced faculty.

Program Objectives

The Screenwriting program prepares students to:
-Craft professional quality, dynamic, and absorbing screenplays for a variety of media that engage readers and audiences with a unique artistic style and voice.
-Generate, discover, and acquire compelling story ideas to develop for motion pictures, television, streaming, and the web.
-Appraise the commercial viability and artistic merit of scripted projects for professional development and prepare commentary and analysis.
-Effectively communicate story ideas and concepts both orally and in writing.
-Collaborate across disciplines, including filmmaking, animation, and gaming, and demonstrate competency in film production practices.
-Recognize the significant historical and contemporary influences of film, television, streaming, and web programming on culture, society, and relevant industries. 
-Analyze current and evolving narrative strategies and their relationship to new distribution technologies.   
Research various sectors of the entertainment industry and construct a sustainable career path.

Program Requirements (120 credits)

Student Selection Courses

Select 4 courses from the following list for a total of 12 credits:

Critical Studies (33 credits)

Composition (6-9 credits)

Students are placed into one of the following composition sequences after the completion of a writing placement exam. Students who do not complete the exam may be placed based on standardized tests scores (if available) or high school GPA.

CRIT Choice (9 credits)

  • Select 3 courses from subject CRIT

Science (3 credits)

  • Select 1 course from subject ANTH, PSYC, SOCI or SCIE

Critical Studies Electives (12-15 credits)

Students who complete the developmental composition sequence complete 12.0 credits of CS electives; all other students complete 15.0 credits.

  • Select courses from subjects:
    • AHST (Art History), HIST (History)
    • FRCH (French), ITAL (Italian), LITT (Literature)
    • PHIL (Philosophy), RELI (Religion)
    • SCIE (Science)
    • ANTH (Anthropology), PHIL (Philosophy), PSYC (Psychology), SOCI (Sociology)  
  • Select courses from  : Art History or Critical Studies Elective.

General Electives (15 credits)

  • Complete 15 credits. This requirement is satisfied by any undergraduate course that isn’t required by the program.

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