Jul 12, 2024  
2023-2024 University Catalog 
2023-2024 University Catalog

DESN 206 Design for Persuasive Visual Communication

3 credits 90.0 hours
200 level undergraduate course

With an emphasis on using persuasive communication, audience research and visual and verbal ideas as project catalysts, the principles of graphic design will be explored in print and screen-based work. This course integrates conceptual problem solving and digital design as students further develop their Adobe Suite skills and apply them to more complex projects. Critical strategies and professional examples will be covered in weekly lectures scanning the history of contemporary persuasive communication to help students working in creative teams develop a wide-ranging conceptual approach to the design process. Field trips to local design studios and agencies will provide the opportunity to observe and learn from design communicators in professional settings.

Prerequisites DESN*117. Students majoring in Graphic Design are not permitted to register for this section. Students majoring in Illustration are not permitted to register for this section.

Priority enrollment to School of Design majors and Graphic Design minors.
This course is not repeatable for credit.