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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]

LITY 617 Visual and Digital Literacy in the Secondary Classroom

3 credits 42.0 hours
600 level graduate course

How is literacy changing as a result of emerging visual and digital media and technologies? We will explore the implications of the constant cultural and technological shift for teaching and learning in the secondary classroom. How does what you do in the classroom impact your students’ visual literacy- the ability to interpret, analyze, and evaluate visual images and underlying messages that images are attempting to convey? This course is designed for educators who are interested in conducting project-based inquiry using a variety of digital texts, tools and technologies. We will dive into current research to inform strategies to design and build challenging and engaging visual and digital learning opportunities for you and your students.

Open to graduate students from the Division of Continuing Studies.
This course is not repeatable for credit.