Feb 04, 2023  
2022-23 University Catalog 
2022-23 University Catalog

FINA 400 Fine Arts Thesis Groundwork

3 credits 90.0 hours
400 level undergraduate course

Students will develop a series of projects that stem from an ongoing exploration in the studio. Discussions will encourage students to find relevancy and validity in an analysis of historical precedents and contemporary culture. Critical commentary centers on four areas of concern: 1) The character of the work: its formal properties, its physical properties, aspects of intelligibility; 2) Intention: the investigation of motives and choices; 3) Context: ways that a work relates to a larger body of work, both conceptually and stylistic; 4) Quality: approaches to questions of value. An emphasis will be placed on the individualized development of ideas, content, and presentation in preparation for the students’ thesis project.

Prerequisites ART*301

This course is not repeatable for credit.