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2021-2022 University Catalog 
2021-2022 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]

HNRS 404 Honors Thesis/Project Seminar II

0 credits undefined hours
400 level undergraduate course

The Honors Thesis/Project I & II make up the final coursework for completion of the Honors Program at the University of the Arts. The course is comprised of two non-credit seminars taken during the Honor Scholar’s final two semesters before graduating from the University. The Honors Thesis or Project is an extension or enrichment of the Scholar’s capstone in their discipline and is a major research endeavor that develops an idea, a concern, or a proposition in support of a significant creative project in the Scholar’s field of study and is intended to demonstrate the culmination of the Scholar’s education at the University. The Honors Thesis or Project is a comprehensive 2-semester research effort of original scholarship and is tied to the capstone in the scholar’s discipline. Completed over the two semesters of the senior year, it offers Honors Scholars an opportunity to work closely with faculty members on advanced research topics or creative endeavors. A thesis involves developing and working toward answering a research question. A project involves an alternative academic enterprise of equivalent intensity and scope, e.g. creative work in art, dance, design, film, theater, music, writing, etc., Both result in a scholarly manuscript, with the project manuscript often supplemented by an artifact created as a result of the research, i.e., DVD of a performance; exhibition, screening, reading, screenplay, collection of original writing, etc.. Whether the intended end result is a thesis or project, each begins with creative inquiry and systematic research, includes documentation of substantive scholarly effort, and each culminates in some form of public presentation. The Honors Thesis/Project I & II have three central goals: 1) to create close tutorial relationships between University Faculty and Honors Scholars; 2) to challenge Scholars intellectually and creatively through their work with faculty and professionals; and 3) to strengthen Scholars’ abilities in conducting independent research with the realization of the depth of understanding that is required to form a solid foundation from which to create. The Honors Thesis/Project seminars are designed to foster scholarly insight and debate and to nurture the intellectual passions of students and faculty alike.

This course is not repeatable for credit.
This course requires permission by the offering program office.
Pass/fail grading only.