Aug 11, 2022  
2021-22 University Catalog 
2021-22 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]

MMED 727 Technology for Musical Creativity

3 credits 45.0 hours
700 level graduate course

It has never been easier or more fun for your students to compose, improvise, arrange, and produce music related projects than with today’s technology. In this class you will experience technology tools (web and mobile apps, software, keyboards, recording gear, etc.), project ideas, pedagogical models, and assessment tools for unlocking your student’s creativity. Built around eight teacher-tested principles, this course will give you some great ideas for fostering creativity with your students including podcasts, loop-based compositions, sound effect stories, radio commercials, video scoring, notated compositions that can’t miss, and much more. The primary focus will be on classroom music (general music, music theory, music production) at all levels, but with some applications for instrumental and vocal music. This course is perfect for teachers looking for fresh ways to use the technology tools they already have, and for those looking for solid reasons to move towards developing the use of technology in their programs. Other than familiarity with using a personal computer, no specialized software/ hardware knowledge is needed.

This course is not repeatable for credit.