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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]

GDES 341 Java Scripting

1.5 credits 45.0 hours
300 level undergraduate course

Java Script is a programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers. This course offers students a deeper immersion in Java Scripting by developing software fluency and troubleshooting skills based upon a paradigm-based approach founded in the particular logic of the software architecture. This knowledge will be applied to individual projects proposed by the student. The course will develop best practices and protocols that are adaptable to digital authorship across other software platforms and features blended instruction, both live and using online resources. Students should have some experience in HTML and CSS.

Prerequisites DAAT*204

Priority enrollment to Graphic Design majors and Typography minors.
This course may be completed 2 times for credit.