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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]

DESN 250 Contemporary Issues in Design

3 credits 45.0 hours
200 level undergraduate course

This lecture course builds on the broader historical overview of design presented in Design History by investigating and problematizing contemporary design issues and connecting these to their historical antecedents. Emphasis is placed on the expanding and evolving role of design in contemporary society and culture vis-à-vis pressing conditions such as environmental sustainability, globalization, DIY culture, technological advancement, network culture, and so on. By looking at a range of emerging models of design practice and the forces that influence these shifts, students will develop a greater understanding of the social and cultural implications of design while considering how design interfaces with an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Discourse by a range of contemporary designers, theorists, and critics
will comprise the primary source material.

Prerequisites DESN*200

This course is not repeatable for credit.
This course can fulfill a discipline history elective, critical studies elective, or general elective requirement.