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2007-2008 University Catalog 
2007-2008 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]

Student Services

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R. Alan Leffers

Dean of Students
Gershman Hall
401 South Broad Street, Room 309

Led by the Dean of Students, the Student Services Division is committed to supporting the intellectual and personal growth of student artists through its many programs. Student Services strives to provide a healthy campus experience for students that fosters a sense of community and celebrates civility, support, and respect. The Division delivers fundamental daily services while fostering opportunities for students to develop the interpersonal, leadership, professional, and communication skills they will need to become successful artists. A full description of Student Services programs is available in the Student Handbook.

Academic Support Services


Maria de Santis, Associate Dean of Students & Director of AAP
1500 Pine Street, Room 102

The University of the Arts makes academic support programs available to all students as a supplement to their classroom instruction. Tutors help students develop skills in classroom strategies, study habits, and all subject areas. The office also provides comprehensive services for international students and for students deemed eligible for the Academic Achievement Program upon admission.

Career Services


Elisa Seeherman, Director
Gershman Hall. Rm. 309

The University of the Arts provides a comprehensive program for students as they develop plans for their career in the arts. Services include career counseling, resume writing, interview skills development, and job search skills. The office also coordinates listings and programs for internships, part-time, summer and full-time jobs.

Counseling Services


Brian Hainstock, Director
Gershman Hall, Rm. 308

The Counseling Center at UArts provides individualized personal counseling and referrals to other professionals. Counseling Services encourages students who were receiving treatment prior to their arrival in Philadelphia to establish a relationship with a counselor on or near campus to provide a more immediate level of care and help monitor symptoms and medications. All counseling conversations and records are confidential except in cases of emergency.

Disability Services


Neila Douglas, Director
Gershman Hall, Rm. 309

The University of the Arts is committed to providing equal educational opportunities and full participation for students with disabilities. Students who would like to access services must self-identify and provide appropriate verification of their disability showing that it currently substantially limits a major life activity. The University determines eligibility for appropriate and reasonable accommodations of either an academic or personal nature on an individual basis. The University of the Arts follows the documentation guidelines established by the Educational Testing Service.

Health Services


Suzanne Scott, Director
Anderson Hall, Mezzanine and Terra, Rm. 401

The University’s Health Services office is open Monday through Friday and staffed with a licensed practical nurse. The office renders first aid, treats minor illnesses, provides wellness/disease prevention counseling and refers students to other professionals within the area. Jefferson Family Medicine Associates (JFMA) provides medical services free of charge for students with a referral from Health Services. Besides treating acute and chronic illnesses, JFMA also provides services for drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, and mental health. Students will be charged for specialists, X-rays, laboratory work, ambulance service, and emergency room visits; therefore, students are required to have adequate health insurance either through their own insurance company or through a plan offered by Academic HealthPlans and billed through UArts.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that all colleges and universities screen first-time students for immunizations. Therefore, entering students must schedule a physical exam, have a physician fill out and sign the University of the Arts Health Information Form, and return it to Health Services. Students are also required by Pennsylvania law to fill out the Meningitis Waiver Form. The University cannot allow students to complete registration, move into University housing or attend classes without proper health information filed with Health Services.

In the event of an emergency after office hours, JFMA physicians are on call and may be reached at 215-955-7190. JFMA is located at 9th and Chestnut Streets.

International Programs


Annie Hagert, Director
Gershman Hall, Rm. 412

In addition to serving as liaison for students from abroad, the Director of International Student Programs provides special programs designed to help international students adjust to American culture and to UArts, in particular, including, ESL tutorial assistance for undergraduates, Immigration Service advisement, advisement of the student group Global Friends and International Student Orientation.

Students interested in participating in the Residential Life program should contact the Office of Residential Life directly, as do all other entering students. While there is no distinct residential program for students from abroad, special efforts are made by the Office of Residential Life to consider the needs of the international student. All F-1 students are responsible for obtaining immigration information and following all the regulations in order to maintain status. Page 2 of the I-20 explains many of the obligations of an F-1 student.