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2016-2017 University Catalog 
2016-2017 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]

Course Prefix Key


AEDU Art Education
AETH Art Therapy
AHST Art History
ANIM Animation
ANTH Anthropology
ARAB Arabic
BUSN Business
CAIN CAMD: Internships
CMMC Communication
CPAC CPA Core Studies
CRCM Crafts: Ceramics
CRFB Crafts: Fibers
CRFT Crafts: Core
CRGL Crafts: Glass
CRMT Crafts: Metals
CRWD Crafts: Wood
CRWT Creative Writing
DAAT Design, Art + Technology
DACP Dance: Thinking, Making, Doing
DACR Dance: Core
DAPD Dance: Pedagogies of Dance
DAPF Dance: Performance
DANC Dance
DASP Dance: Studio Practice
DESN School of Design Core
DRAW Drawing
DVPP Devised Performance Practice
EDPD Educational Program Design
EDUC Educational Practices
EMDI Electronic Media
ENVI Environment
ESLI English Language Institute
ETEC Educational Technology
FACR Fine Arts: Core
FAMD Fine Arts: Multidisciplinary
FAPR Fine Arts: Printmaking
FAPT Fine Arts: Painting
FASC Fine Arts: Sculpture
FIDE Film Design + Production
FMST Film and Media Studies
FRCH French
FYWT First Year Writing
GAMA Game Art
GDES Graphic Design
GRAD Graduate Studies
GRAE Graduate: Art Education
GRAN Graduate: Animation
GRAT Graduate: Art Therapy
GRCM Graduate: Communication
GRCR Graduate: Ceramics
GRDA Graduate: Dance
GREM Graduate: Electronic Media
GRFA Graduate: Fine Arts
GRFB Graduate: Fibers
GRFL Graduate: Film
GRGD Graduate: Graphic Design
GRGL Graduate: Glass
GRID Graduate: Industrial Design
GRIL Graduate: Illustration
GRLA Graduate: Liberal Arts
GRMA Graduate: Media Arts
GRMM Graduate: Multimedia
GRMT Graduate: Metals
GRMU Graduate: Music
GRPH Graduate: Photo
GRPR Graduate: Book Arts | Printmaking
GRPT Graduate: Painting
GRSC Graduate: Sculpture
GRTH Graduate: Theater
GRUA Graduate: UArts Special Topics
GRWD Graduate: Furniture + Wood
GRWM Graduate: Film + TV Writing
HIST History
HNRS University Honors Program
HUMS Humanities Seminar
IDES Industrial Design
ILUS Illustration
IMAG Image
INCL Inclusion
ITAL Italian
LENS Lens Based Media
LITT Literary Studies
LITY Literacy
LACR Liberal Arts: Core
MATH Mathematics
MBET Music Business, Entrepreneurship + Technology
MMED Music Education
MSEM Museum Studies
MTEC TI:ME Music Technology
MUCP Music: Composition
MUED Music: Education
MULS Music: Composition
MUNM Music: Lessons
MUPF Music: Performance
MUSC Music: Core
OBJT Object
PHIL Philosophy
PHOT Photography
PIPT Pre-20th Century Period Interpretation
PITC 20th Century Period Interpretation
PMED Professional Music Education
PRES Museum Resources
PSYC Psychology
RELI Religion
SCIE Sciences
SIFT Scientific Inquiry Foundation
SOAC School of Art Core
SOCI Sociology
STCU Cultural Studies
STDA Dance Studies
STGS Gender/Sexuality Studies
STMU Music Studies
STPF Performance Studies
STTH Theater Studies
TCLA Travel Course: Liberal Arts
TCST Travel Course: Studio Subject
TDTC Theater Design Technology: Crafts
TDTP Theater Design Technology: Practicum
THEA Theater: Core
THMD Theater: Movement and Dance
THPD Theater: Production + Design
THST Theater: Studio
THVC Theater: Voice & Speech
UA University
UACC UArts Common Curriculum
UTPS Teach with Primary Sources
VPAS The Arts
WRIT Writing for Film + Television